Commissioned for the Lebanese edition, “Lebanon, it’s always been” of Imago Mundi, the global art project created by Luciano Benetton.

“Lebanon, it’s always been” is curated by Beirut Art Residency with the collaboration of Sandra Dagher.

Œuvre réalisée dans le cadre de "Lebanon, it's always been", l'édition libanaise d'Imago Mundi, le projet artistique global créé par Luciano Benetton.

"Lebanon, it's always been" been a été produit par Beirut Art Residency avec la collaboration de Sandra Dagher.
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Sniper Pinhole, 2017
Two ultrachrome prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm paper, wooden chassis,
masking tape.

This double sided piece makes use of the canvas wooden chassis to re-enact pinholes dissimulated in fortified buildings. Through these, snipers observed and shot on their foes, and, moreover, on civilians.
- It's Always Been. Contemporary Artists from Lebanon, 2018

- Gregory Buchakjian, Sniper Pinhole. Imago Mundi website

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