Abandoned Dwellings. Typologies

Habitats Abandonnés. Typologies

Critic and writer Arie Amaya Akkermans discussing the installation "Abandoned Dwellings. Typology 3.1.2. Burnt Ceiling", wall part of the exhibition "A Yellow Sun. A Black Sun" curated by Karina El Helou at March Art Project, Istanbul. 7 September 2021

In parallel to the geographic arrangement of 10.777 photographs documenting the 750 abandoned buildings, a second classification made it possible to categorise them based on their typology. This classification is divided in six sections:
1. Architecture (exterior)
2. Architecture (interior)
3. Conditions and Conservation
4. Intervention, Transformation

5. Documents and objects
6. Organism

The Sursock Museum exhibition (2018) consists of
19 LCD screens (20 cm wide approx.), each displaying a series of typologies photographs from sections 2.1. and 2.2 displays section 2, segments 2.1 (Space) and 2.2 (Surface).

2. Architecture (interior)
2.1. Space
2.1.1. Bathroom
2.1.2. Corridor
2.1.3. Central hall
2.1.3.a. axial view
2.1.3.b. longitudinal view
2.1.4. Enfilade
2.1.5. Kitchen
2.1.6. Lobby (apartment building, hotel)
2.1.7. Mezzanine
2.1.8. Stairs
2.1.9. Vestibule (in apartment, house)
2.2. Surface
2.2.1. Ceiling
2.2.2. False ceiling
2.2.3. Flooring (tiles, marble, wood flooring)
2.2.4. Mashrabiya, openwork and stained glass
2.2.5. Mouldings and stucco
2.2.6. Niche
2.2.7. Painting (mural), fresco
2.2.8. Panelling
2.2.9. Wallpaper

The installation at Martch Art Project (2021) displays seven prints from Section
3.1.2. Burnt ceiling, wall

The installation at Fotofocus Cincinnati (2022) displays sections:
4.2.16. Wall, fortification in cinderblock
4.2.17. Wall, fortification in concrete
4.2.18. Wall, fortification in metal

  ©gregory buchakjian, all rights reserved. Photo credit: David Ross
- Abandoned Dwellings, Display of Systems. Curated by Karina el-Helou, Sursock Museum, Beirut, 2018. >> website

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- All Falls Down: Architectural Heritage Effaced, curated by Saad Ghosn. Fotofocus Biennial, World Record. Cincinnati, 2022 >> website

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