Wadi Abou Jmil
Artist Book by Saïd Baalbaki, Berlin, 2015
based on “le chantier” series executed in Beirut between 2000 and 2001.

Printed in Berlin, on Velin d’arches paper, in an edition of 24 copies, 20 numbered and 4 artist’s Proof E.a.
Lithography by
Saïd Baalbaki, Berlin 2012–2014
Text by Gregory Buchakjian, Beirut 2015
Editing by Nathan moore, Berlin
Lithography printing by Steffen Tschesno, berlin
Text printing by Harald Weller, Berlin Typeface Sabon-antiqua
Portfolio by markus Rottmann, Berlin

Download text (PDF)

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Expelled from home, a toddler came to the Valley with his family. He grew up there.
He witnessed war.
He witnessed ruins.
He witnessed reconstruction.
‘Every building is emptied of its inhabitants.
Then, every façade is veiled – hidden.
Each building is emptied of its entrails. it is a patient in an operating room or the dead body in Rembrandt’s anatomy lecture.
all the components are expelled through barrels, as though from stomachs. Next, the veiled façade disappears for good.

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Agial Art Gallery, Beirut, 11'2015, with "Nos âmes en chantier" by Baalbaki and Valérie Cachard and "The Baalbaki Journey or Saïd and the Little Boat" by Baalbaki and Marwan Kassab Bachi

Analix Forever, Geneva, 12'2015, "DUO-DUEL, Beyrouth mon amour" with Emmanuel Regent

Ahliah School Centennial Art Exhibit: Five artists in one century 1916 to 2017, 02'2017, with Etel Adnan, Saloua Raouda Choucair, Afaf Zurayk and Ayman Baalbaki

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Zeina Zalzal, L'Orient Le Jour, 4'12'2015
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