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In  2012,  I  was  invited  to  join  an  advisory  committee  in  order  to  supervise  the  devel - opment  of  an  art  collection  and  museum.  It  was  the  initiative  of  the  Saradar  Group,   a  financial  trust  founded  by  a  family  of  bankers.  The  Saradar  Group  had  previously   acquired artworks and supported artistic events here and there, but without a specific  policy. These experiences led the CEO, Mario Saradar, to build a curated collection. He  asked Lina Kiryakos to manage the project and assembled a board of experts. The first  meeting took place on 20 April 2012. That day, participants raised numerous questions  that could be summed up by one single question:

How do you build a collection from scratch?

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